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Como no tirar el dinero cuando inviertes en Felicidad Laboral

En los últimos meses, y por motivos profesionales, me he visto en la tarea de estudiar con detalle la mayor parte de la oferta actual de productos y servicios encaminados a propiciar felicidad laboral. También he tenido la oportunidad de hablar con más de 70 colegas de profesión que, como directores de RRHH, son losSigue leyendo «Como no tirar el dinero cuando inviertes en Felicidad Laboral»

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Miedo a invertir en Felicidad Laboral

Las empresas … son realidades intersubjetivas. Únicamente existen en nuestra imaginación colectiva, pero su poder es inmenso Yuval Noha Noah (Sapines) Esta definición sacada del hermoso libro de Yuval, sirve para introducir el tema de cuan diferente es el razonamiento que podemos tener a nivel individual de aquel que surge en el seno de unaSigue leyendo «Miedo a invertir en Felicidad Laboral»

Detect informal leaders through the Analysis of Collaborative Networks. Or how to Manage Change with the rigor of data analysis

Wikipedia’s definition of leadership is inaccurate when I think of my neighbor Juana. She is an older woman, without many studies, a struggling housewife who has always worked cleaning houses. Juana is an affable person who dedicates time to you when you cross her, and who helps you without expecting anything in return. Juana doesSigue leyendo «Detect informal leaders through the Analysis of Collaborative Networks. Or how to Manage Change with the rigor of data analysis»

Employer Branding. A new management approach

The only way to do a great job is to love what you do. Steve Jobs Employer Branding is commonly understood as a strategy that combines marketing and HR to achieve a better positioning of the organization in the labor market, mainly in situations where the selection processes are reversed because many candidates, especially theSigue leyendo «Employer Branding. A new management approach»

homo talentum

Or what we can learn about turnover with People Analytics We’ve been using the word talent for years. It’s very cool to put this word in every speech, whether it’s a fairy tale or not. We hear so much talk about talent management that it seems as if we had witnessed the advent of aSigue leyendo «homo talentum»

Improve collaboration: The Jailer’s Dilemma

Or how the study of collaborative networks helps retain employees People are beings who act from a very subjective knowledge of the world around us. To interact more effectively, evolution gave us, 7,000,000 years through, a larger neocortex and with greater capacity to process the information needed to maintain a good number of social relationshipsSigue leyendo «Improve collaboration: The Jailer’s Dilemma»